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Welcome to Baby G.O.D.S. Online


Our academic school year is from September 7, 2020 to July 23, 2021.

Total Physical Response

We give each student a
personalized approach to their education.

Our Teachers

Provide ample support and nurturing for each
student’s personal and academic development.

Our Core Subjects


The God who created the Universe created it on the basis of mathematics. They’ll learn that He created them on the same basis.



Whether your child loves space, plants, or rocks, all of the science lessons are filled with challenging facts and fun examples.


Language Arts

Unlock a love of reading through exciting literature and Poetry that will expand your child’s vocabulary and knowledge with every lesson!

Social Studies

Travel through history and around the World because your student is history. The present and future, but in their DNA is the past.


Expert Instructors


Team of Instructors

Sis Teacher Muhammad

Sis Teacher Muhammad


Kori Cole

Kori Cole


Joel Muhammad

Joel Muhammad